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Send the Diploma Transcript Request Form to the ECHSDA administrator or download the transcript from the Forms page. When you receive the ECHSDA Diploma Transcript, begin recording your studentís courses and grades for ninth through twelfth grades. Included in this booklet are checklists which may be used to help ensure that you meet all the requirements for the diploma option of your choice. These are strictly for your convenience.

At the completion of each school year, the supervisor of the home education program assigns credits for each course taken. The evaluator then determines if these credits meet the standards for the General Diploma, the Academic Diploma, or the Academic Diploma with Honors. Once credits are assigned, he or she signs the ECHSDA Diploma Transcript for that year.

This transcript may be kept in the possession of the supervisor of the home education program for the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades but must be filed by February 28 of the studentís senior year.

At that time we must receive: 1) the Filing Form, 2) a copy of the ECHSDA Diploma Transcript, 3) the evaluator's letters, 4) a copy of the evaluatorís credentials with the Evaluator Credential Registration (send once), and 5) the Supervisor Compliance Letter, stating that he or she: a) is the parent or legal guardian of the student, b) is in full compliance with the law, and c) is not involved in non-compliance hearings. The supervisor should expect to receive written notification that the filing form arrived at the office of the ECHSDA Administrator.

The senior year evaluatorís letter and the original ECHSDA Diploma Transcript then must be received, along with the Diploma Request Form and fee, before the diploma will be issued.

A student who has previously attended a public, nonpublic, or private high school must have his or her transcript from that school sent to ECHS by the filing deadline in the senior year (February 28). Passing grades must be documented for all required subjects before a diploma will be issued.

All students must send the Filing Form, even if they have not been home schooled before their senior year. Information from the form is needed to order the diploma (diploma requested and name as it should appear on the diploma).

Paperwork Filing Checklist

Send the following, postmarked by February 28 of the senior year, to open your student's file:
  • Photocopy of completed ECHSDA Diploma Transcript, including grade twelve projected courses and credits
  • Filing Form
  • Filing Fee
  • Homeschool evaluation letters (or an official public or private school transcript) for grades nine through eleven
  • Supervisor Compliance Letter
  • Evaluator's Credential Registration form with attached documentation
  • Note: Do not send the Evaluator Credential Registration form and documentation if the evaluator has previously registered with ECHSDA.

Send the following at the end of the senior year to complete your student's file:
  • Diploma request form
  • Diploma fee
  • Grade 12 evaluation letter
  • ECHSDA Diploma Transcript (All homeschool credits must be listed on this final, original ECHSDA Diploma Transcript. Be sure to include all dates and signatures.)

Graduation Exercises

Reflecting the diversity of homeschoolers receiving Erie County Home School Diplomas, most families plan their own individual or group graduation ceremony. Some years, ECHSDA sponsors a graduation ceremony in Erie County. To indicate your interest in participating in the Erie County ceremony, please check "Yes" on the Filing Form.